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ID: 211431, Vendor kods: RMX1508DFXX220
€ 355.00 € 299.00

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  • 8 total inputs including 8 XLR jacks with phantom power, 8 line jacks and stereo RCA
  • On-board digital effects processor and 3-shelf EQ on each mono and stereo channel
  • Continuous 2 x 250W power at 4-ohms; 500W at 8-ohms Bridged
  • Class D Power for clean power and light weight
  • Built-in, recessed handles for easy transport


Portable, 24-bit Alesis DSP, EQ and 500 Watts of Pure Power for Any Gig


The EMPIRE RMX508DFX is a 500W powered cabinet mixer with effects and EQ and is part of the EMPIRE RMX cabinet mixer line which includes the RMX2408DFX (2000W), , RMX1508DFX (1500W), and RMX1008DFX (1000W) models.

The RMX508DFX includes everything you need to tackle virtually any live performance. It starts with an ultra-clean 500 watts of Class D power to drive your speakers of choice. Class D amplification makes the RMX508DFX not only powerful but incredibly light compared to other solutions so you won't break your back bringing it to the venue. Running the RMX508DFX in stereo will deliver a continuous 2 x 250W at 4-ohms of pure, clean power. 

We didn't stop at just delivering clean power for this affordable cabinet mixer. The RMX508DFX also features an incredibly useful array of tools that can make your events world-class. RMX508DFX  includes 18 total inputs including 8 XLR jacks with phantom power, 8 Line jacks and stereo RCA. This means that whether you're plugging in guitars, mics, keyboards or even an iPod for playback between sets, you're covered with the RMX508DFX .

Once everything is connected, there's a full on-board digital effects processor and 3-shelf EQ on each mono and stereo channel so you can dial in the perfect sound at any venue. A 24-bit, built-in Alesis DSP effects engine supplies ample options for sweetening including Hall, Room, Vocal & Plate reverbs, Mono & Stereo delay (max delay time 650ms), Chorus, Flanger & Reverb modulations, Reverb+Delay, Reverb+Chorus and Reverb+Flanger  combinations. 256 different Alesis DSP presets provide ample options for any situation. When the gig is done, inset, molded handles on both ends make it super easy to transport.

Make the professional choice for a portable cabinet mixer with the EMPIRE RMX-series.




Mono input channels
Microphone input: Electronically balanced, discrete input configuration

Frequency response: 10Hz to 55kHz, +/–3dB

Distortion: (THD & N) 0.006% at +4dBu, 1kHz

Gain: 50dB (MIC)

SNR: (Signal to Noise Ratio) >90dB


Line input: Electronically balanced

Frequency response: 10Hz to 55kHz, +/–3dB

Distortion: (THD & N) 0.04% at +4dBu, 1kHz

Gain: 30dB

Stereo input channels
Line input: Unbalanced

Frequency response: 10Hz to 55kHz, +/–3dB

Distortion: (THD & N) 0.006% at +4dBu, 1kHz

Microphone input: 1.4kOhm

Channel Insert return: 2.5kOhm

All other inputs: 10kOhm or greater

Tape out: 1kOhm

All other output: 120Ohm

Hi shelving: +/–15dB @12kHz

Mid bell:    +/–15dB @2.5kHz

Low shelving: +/–15dB @ 80Hz

Alesis DSP Section
A/D and D/A converters:  24-bit

DSP resolution: 24-bit

Type of effects
Hall, Room, Vocal & Plate REVERBS

Mono & Stereo DELAY (max DELAY TIME 650ms)

Chorus, Flanger & Reverb MODULATIONS


REVERB+FLANGER  combinations 

Presets: 256

Controls: 16-position PRESET Selector;16-position VARIATION selector

CLIP LED; MUTE SWITCH with LED indicator

Main Mix Section Noise: (Bus Noise) Fader 0dB, all input channels assigned and set to 


UNITY gain:–71dBr (ref.:+4dBu) 

Max output: +27dBu balanced, +22dBu unbalanced, 1/4" jacks

AUX Sends max out: +22dBu

Power supply Main voltage
100-120VAC ~ 60Hz 

220-240VAC ~ 50Hz

Fuse 100 ~ 120V  : T6.3AL

210 ~ 240V  : T3.15AL

Stereo mode
230 W @ 4 ohm(RMS) THD=1%

150 W @ 8 ohm(RMS) THD=1%

Bridge mode 460 W @ 8 ohm(RMS) THD=1%

Physical Dimension (W×D×H) 550mm×220mm×310mm(8.66"×12.20"×21.65")

Weight (Net)  : 13.2kg (28.70lb)

(Gross) : 15.93kg (35.11lb)

Weight: 28.7 lb


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