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Yamaha F310 folkģitāra (natural)

ID: 3013084, Vendor kods: GF310
€ 217.80 € 140.00

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When it comes to acoustic guitars, one of the more popular inexpensive options is the Yamaha F310 Acoustic Guitar. Is this a perfect guitar? By no means – but if you are looking for an acoustic guitar for a beginner or someone who just plays as a hobby, it’s not a bad choice.

This 44 x 21.5 x 5.5 inch, 10 pound Yamaha acoustic guitar has 20 frets, is made of mahogany, with a laminated spruce top and rosewood fretboard. The guitar may be a little bulkier than some entry level options, but it is made of quality wood which means it can still produce a decent tone – something that can’t be said about several of the other cheapest options out there. The Yamaha F310 holds up well over time, but one selling point is that if it does get beat up too much, it wasn’t that big of an investment in the first place and is easy to replace. For these reasons, you can see why it is a popular option for an entry-level Japanese style Acoustic Guitar.


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