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ID: 3006116, Vendor code: MXA910W-60CM
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Features Steerable Coverage™ Technology using up to 8 separate lobes to capture sound sources from above more accurately than any other product. Automatic positioning tool in control software easily adjusts lobes toward each participant’s voice. Intuitive user interface offers easy configuration of presets, templates and polar patterns.


  • Configurable Coverage captures high quality participant audio from overhead

  • Flexible Networking allows easy routing of up to eight discrete channels over Dante

  • IntelliMix® DSP Suite for precise coverage settings, automix, EQ and Echo Reduction

  • Browser-based control software allows simple configuration



The Microflex® Advance™ Ceiling Array is a premium networked array microphone that captures best-in-class audio in varying AV Conferencing environments including boardrooms, huddle rooms and multi-purpose spaces. Revolutionary technology from the IntelliMix® DSP Suite includes Steerable Coverage™, utilizing up to eight beams to capture participant audio from overhead. Watch our MXA910 Steerable Coverage Video

Browser-based control software provides an intuitive user interface for microphone attributes including lobe configuration, automatic mix settings and preset templates. Integrates seamlessly with Dante™ Networked Audio, and third-party preset controllers including Crestron and AMX, delivering a high-quality AV Conferencing experience and an aesthetically pleasing and productive meeting space that appeals equally to integrators, consultants, and anyone using the ceiling array in their workday meeting spaces.




Audio Capture / DSP

  • Up to eight discrete steerable lobes for precise positioning to participant(s)

  • IntelliMix® DSP Suite:

    • Steerable Coverage™ Technology

    • Automatic Mixing

    • Echo Reduction

    • 4 Band C/S PEQ per channel


Software Control

  • Simple, smart browser-based interface including templates and varying polar patterns for all device parameters

  • 10 Presets



  • Dante™ Audio Networking, standard PoE (class 0) and Control carried on single Ethernet cable

  • Control strings for third-party preset controllers including Crestron and AMX


Hardware / Installation

  • Configurable multi-color LED bar

    • Color options of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, white, pink

    • Brightness controls (default, dim, disabled)

    • External control through browser-based software

  • Device Reboot/Factory Reset Options

    • Two stage hardware reset: 4 second press resets Network Settings, 8 second press resets to factory default restoring all settings including device name and network details

  • Flush mounted into standard ceiling tiles. VESA mount compatible and hanging mounts available through a variety of third-party suppliers.

  • Available in white, black, and aluminum finishes (detachable grille can also be custom painted)


MXA910W-60CM 60 cm Ceiling Array Microphone with Shure® IntelliMix® DSP Suite - white finish

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