MEINL Sonic Energy for meditation!

MEINL Sonic Energy was established in the year 2014. Starting with their Planetary Tuned Gongs, which are handcrafted in Germany, then they moved on to Energy Chimes, Tuning Forks, Singing Bowls, and a variety of other instruments.

Sonic Energy currently provides the widest range of sound therapy instruments in the world for therapists, percussionists, and anyone who wants to bring some new sounds into their lives. The instruments are used in massages, spas, sound therapies, percussion settings, and a variety of other applications. It's not about putting on a show; instead, it's about allowing the energy to flow through you. You can lose yourself in the sound and forget about the stresses of modern life.

Gongs and Tam Tams

Gongs are mainly used as musical instruments and as sound centers in meditation and gong meditation. They can have a deep, relaxing effect on you. Gongs differentiate based on their size, thickness, shape, material, and the way they are played. These factors determine the gong's pitch, tone, volume, and resonance, which can range from deep and mellow to bright and sharp, creating a unique sound signature. All MEINL Sonic Energy gongs are handcrafted.

Tuning forks

In technical terms, tuning fork therapy is known as phonophoresis or tone puncture. It entails the use of tuning forks to transmit vibrations to muscles, bones, joints, lungs, chakras, and various reflex zones in the body. These vibrations bring different areas of the body to vibrate and resonate and can thus help to relieve and dissolve "learned" dis-harmonies that have led to dis-tuning, blockage, or even illness.

Tuning Fork Therapy is a very gentle, yet powerful modality to treat the body and mind and restore inner balance and health. 

Singing Bowls

Life is full of stress and rush. We bring and offer sound healing more as a beautiful way to release this stress. Our cells vibrate at various frequencies of sound – that's why we use sound and vibrations to connect to these cells and organs to promote healing. Singing bowls produce soothing tones when tapped or rubbed. In many countries, singing bowls are popular utensils during meditation. In addition to that, they are used in sound therapies. Rarer is the use as a pure musical instrument. Meinl Sonic Energy offers a wide range of singing bowls in special bronze alloy (sorted by weight & size) and in high-purity quartz (sorted by tuning & size).

The very first impression will be a relaxed mind and beautiful feelings all over the body. It's very satisfying to just feel the vibrations and listen to the awesome sounds. But really, the positive effect goes much deeper. The brain comes to theta state, the simplest possible form of meditation. The brain will concentrate on the vibrations, automatically relax and "switch off" the hundreds of thoughts that are streaming through. Another name for these sound meditations is Nada Yoga. We unify the individual mind with pure consciousness through the flow of sounds.

Singing Chalices

Crystal singing chalices are a type of musical instrument made from pure quartz crystal. They produce a clear and pure sound that can be used for sound healing, meditation, and spiritual practices. With their beautiful and unique design, crystal singing chalices are a popular choice for musicians and practitioners looking to add a touch of elegance and healing to their practice.


The African thumb piano, or kalimba is a percussion instrument consisting of a number of thin metal blades (keys) mounted on a soundbox or soundboard. Some kalimbas have a sound hole in the middle, some are made from solid wood and some can produce a soothing Wah-wah sound.

The Kalimba originally comes from Africa. It is a centuries-old instrument, also known as "Mbira" and "Sansa" or simply "thumb piano". There are metal reeds placed on a wooden resonance box, which are plucked with the thumbs to produce a metallically fine sound.

At first glance, all Kalimbas have a similar design and look. However, there are some special features that make them distinctive instruments. Some vary regarding the number of keys, the body material, the body shape, and whether there’s a soundhole or not.

Meinl Sonic Energy offers many different Kalimbas: Starting by 8 key gift Kalimbas, over to 10 and 17 key solid, soundhole and wah-wah Kalimbas, up to a 21 key professional Kalimba. Find yours!



Handpans are musical instruments that produce warm and melodic sounds. They are made from steel and are played by striking the surface with the hands, creating a range of tones and harmonics. With their unique design and versatile sound, handpans are a popular choice for musicians and sound healers alike, used in a variety of musical genres and practices.

Steel Tongue Drums

These small drums consist of a steel resonance body and various tone fields that are harmonious in themselves. Their pentatonic tuning makes it impossible to play wrong-sounding notes - perfect for beginners. The meditative, soothing sound inspires meditation, sound therapy and percussion fans worldwide.

Frame Drums

The frame drum is one of the most ancient types of drum. It is now used as a shaman drum for ceremonies, as a drum for ambient, meditative sounds, or as a harmonic variation in compositions all over the world. 

There's a wide varietey of frame drums, from natural and raw sounds which are great for grounding and shamanic work, up to the soothing sounds of the ocean which immediately let vacation feelings rise in you.

"Through the techniques of frame drum singing/sounding, sound vibration massage and interactive sound circles, experience a profound, holistic, natural way to reduce stress and raise your energy on many levels. Awaken your whole being through sound by liberating your authentic voice and natural heartbeat rhythm. As you open up you will find a renewed desire to create and be creative in your life. " / Karen Renée Robb


Chimes are wonderful tools for meditation, relaxation, and sound healing practices. Available in a range of materials such as wood and metal, chimes produce a calming and melodic sound that helps to reduce stress and promote mindfulness. From wind chimes to hand chimes, there are many types of chimes to choose from, making it easy to find the perfect sound for any practice.

Sound Effects

Sounds can evoke or amplify very different emotions. With our instruments, you can produce ambient shaker, chime, or even light rain shower sounds for your relaxing meditation session or even for your recordings and concerts. 

  • Shakers - Different natural, ambient shakers with rod, wrist strap, or as a bracelet.
  • Chimes - Wonderful wooden and metallic chimes to swipe with your hand or a mallet.
  • Tingshas - Start and end your meditation with a clear “ching” sound and choose from different models.
  • Bells - Used for meditation and as ritual implement and instrument of Buddhism.
  • Rainsticks - Rain sticks of various sizes and sustain.
  • Thunder drums - Create a powerful roar of thunder that will fascinate any listener.


Didgeridoos are overtone-rich wind instruments that are said to relieve snoring and sleep apnea. They are played with "fluttering" lips and provide soothing vibrations to the player as well as interesting sounds to the audience. Meinl Sonic Energy offers a nice range of didgeridoos for every taste.​

The didgeridoo is mainly played while sitting or kneeling, with the end of the instrument resting on the floor. As a beginner, you will probably only get an unusual humming sound out of the didgeridoo. However, the didgeridoo can produce much more than that. Experienced players succeed in producing versatile sounds, rhythms and compositions with the didgeridoo through the interplay of mouth and throat movements, voice effects as well as a special breathing technique.

Playing the didgeridoo and practice for as little as 20 minutes per day five days a week can reduce the apnoea-hypopnoea-index by up to 48% the study stated. The severity of the sleep apnea has eased from medium levels to an overall low level. According to the questionnaire filled out by the subjects the didgeridoo has also increased the subject’s quality of sleep significantly.*

* „Hilft Didgeridoo spielen gegen Schlafapnoe?“; extracted:; last viewed 27.07.2021 at 09:57

Energy chimes

​Energy chimesare single sound bars made of aluminum, mounted on a wooden base. They are struck with a small mallet to produce a high-pitched sound. You can use them to start or end meditation, to give sound signals in classes, or for many other purposes. Our energy chimes are mainly tuned to different frequencies (based on the calculations of Hans Cousto).


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