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Roland FR-4x V akordeons (melns)

ID: 3012065, Vendor kods: FR-4X BK
€ 4215.64 € 3299.00

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There’s plenty to love about the traditional accordion, from its expression to its portability. But if you’ve ever wondered where Roland’s acclaimed range of digital V-Accordions could take your performances, the new Roland FR-4x is your chance to find out. With its light and compact design, responsive pressure-sensing bellows, and full-range onboard speakers, this latest model feels as familiar as your favorite acoustic accordion. But with the same powerful sound engine as Roland’s flagship FR-8x, this digital accordion goes even further. Choose from a wide selection of accordion sounds from around the world, and play in silence using headphones or connect to a PA for live performance. Control other electronic musical instruments via the MIDI connector, or record your playing to a connected USB stick and share your music with the world. While its sounds and playing feel are reassuringly traditional, the Roland FR-4x is an accordion for the modern age.






  • Right hand: 37 keys (with velocity sensitivity)
  • Left hand: 120 bass buttons (with velocity sensitivity)
  • Bass & Chord Mode (Left-Hand Keyboard Note Layout): 2 Bass Rows, 3 Bass Rows A-7th, 3 Bass Rows A-5dim, 3 Bass Rows B-7th, 3 Bass Rows B-5dim, 3 Bass Rows Bx-7th, 3 Bass Rows Belgium
  • Free Bass Mode (Left-Hand Keyboard Note Layout): Minor 3rd, Bajan, Fifth, North Europe, Finnish


  • High-resolution pressure sensor for the detection of bellows pressure
  • Bellows resistance regulator: wheel with fine adjustment


  • Bellows curve: Fixed Low, Fixed Med, Fixed High, X-Light, Light, Standard, Heavy, X-Heavy, Close, Open, Tango, Traditional, Jazz, Classic, Dynamic1, Dynamic2


Max polyphony: 128 voices

Tones (Accordion Set)

  • 100 Accordion Sets
  • Each Accordion Set includes (number of sounds that can be assigned to the register buttons):
  • Right Hand Registers: 14 Accordion registers, 14 Orchestra registers, 14 Organ registers
  • Left Hand Registers: 7 Bass & Chord registers, 7 Free Bass registers,
  • 7 Orchestra Bass registers, 7 Orchestra Chord registers, 7 Orchestra Free Bass registers


  • Reed Footages: 7 Treble, 5 Bass, 3 Chord, 2 Free Bass
  • Orchestral sounds: 162

* Orchestral sounds can also be used with orchestral bass sounds, orchestral chord sounds, and orchestral free bass sounds.


Organ sounds (Virtual Tone Wheel)

  • 32 presets for Treble, Orchestra Chord and Orchestra Free Bass sections,
  • 16 presets for Orchestra Bass section


  • Drum Sets: 3
  • User Programs: 98: 7 User Program Bank x 14 registers



  • Noises: Stopping-reed growl, Closing valve noise, Left button noise
  • Individual Reed Simulation: Hysteresis Threshold, Expression Curve, Pressure-Variant Filter, Pressure-Variant Pitch Deviation
  • Switching Reed Sound Wave: By bellows acceleration, by note repetition speed
  • Bellows opening/closing sound change: By bellows opening/closing detection



  • Micro-Tuning Presets: 16 Types: Off, Dry, Classic, F-Folk, American L/H, North Europe, German L/H, D-Folk L/H, Alpine, Italian L/H, French, Scottish
  • Fine Tuning reed footages 8- / 8+: -100 to 0 to +100



  • Reverb: 8 types

* Includes delay type.

  • Chorus: 8 types

* Includes delay type.

  • Rotary for Organ sound: Slow/Fast
  • “Cassotto” simulation: Yes
  • 4 Band EQ for Internal Speakers: Yes




Knob controls & Registers

  • Volume, Balance, Reverb, Chorus,
  • Right hand register buttons 7 x 2

* Use the A/B button to switch between sounds assigned to the register buttons.

  • Left hand register buttons 7


  • Navigation switches: Menu/Write, Exit/No, Enter/Yes, Cursor , Value -/+ (Set Down/Up)


Other switches

  • Right Hand Parts switches (Accordion, Orchestra, Organ)
  • Left Hand Parts switches (Drums, Orch Bass, Orch Chrd/F.Bass, F.Bass, Bass&Chrd)
  • User Program, Song List, Play/Pause, Rec, Power


  • Additional switches: 6 user assignable function switches on last row of bass buttons



  • Right Hand Keyboard Mode: Layer (Zone), High, Low


Octave Shift

  • -3, 0, +3 for Orchestra: This setting can be saved individually for each set.
  • -1, 0, +1 for Treble, Orchestra, Organ (Right hand): This setting can be saved individually for each user program.


  • Orchestra Chord Guitar Mode: Gtr Table1, Gtr Table2, Gtr Table3
  • Sound Edit: Yes

* The dedicated editor allows full editing.

  • Bass to Treble: Yes


  • Part Mute: Accordion, Orchestra, Organ, Bass&Chord, Free Bass, Orch Bass, Orch Chord, Orch Free Bass
  • Bass & Chord with drum/percussion sounds: Programmable drum/percussion sounds for Bass/Orch Bass rows, Chord/Orchestra Chord rows.
  • Audio Player and Audio REC: MP3/WAV file playback from a USB flash drive, WAV file recording to a USB flash drive
  • Speakers On/Off: Yes
  • Left-hand Button Keyboard Layer: Yes



  • Display: Custom LCD (8 characters + 16 segments x 4)
  • Rated Power Output: 2 x 11 W


  • 2 x 10 cm
  • 1 x Tweeter


  • Wave Expansion: 4 internal areas (8 MB each) to load new sounds

* When shipped from the factory, sounds are pre-installed in two areas.

Power supply

  • AC adaptor
  • Batteries (AA-type rechargeable Ni-MH x 10)

* Expected battery life under continuous use: 5 hours speaker ON mode, 9 hours speaker OFF mode


  • Current Draw: 2,000 mA

Onboard connectors

  • OUTPUT jacks L/Mono (Treble), R/Mono (Bass): 1/4” phone type
  • PHONES jack: Stereo 1/4” phone type
  • INPUT jack: Stereo miniature phone type
  • MIDI (IN or OUT) connectors
  • USB MEMORY port
  • USB COMPUTER port (USB Hi-Speed MIDI support)
  • (Use a USB cable and a USB port on your computer that supports Hi-Speed USB.)
  • DC IN jack



  • AC Adaptor
  • Power cord (for connecting the AC adaptor)
  • Owner’s Manual
  • Reference caps for the bass buttons
  • Straps
  • Accordion cover
  • Attachment strip


Option (sold separately)

  • USB Flash memory
  • Soft case for accordion (BAG-FR-3)
  • Headphones
  • MIDI foot controller (FC-300)




  • 481 mm
  • 18-15/16 inches



  • 270 mm
  • 10-11/16 inches



  • 430 mm
  • 16-15/16 inches



  • 8.9 kg
  • 19 lbs. 10 oz.

(Without straps and batteries)

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Roland FR-4x V akordeons (melns)

€ 4215.64 € 3299.00


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